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Points of Interest in Arkham, MA.

Arkham Advertiser

389 W. Armitage Street
One of two competing newspapers in town, the Arkham Advertiser is the slightly older and more reliable of the two. Founded in 1879, it has a reputation for accurate and unembellished reporting. Consequently, it is a little dull. They have paper copies of all issues since their inception in ‘The Morgue’ in the basement.

Arkham Bus Station

411 N. West Street (at West High Lane)
Bus fare is relatively cheap and destinations outside the city include Boston, Salem, and Kingsport to the south, Newburyport and Dean’s Corners to the north, and Kingsport to the east, among others. No bus from Arkham Bus Station provides transportation to Innsmouth, a seaside town to the north east of the state, that being the sole purpose of the Innsmouth Bust Stop at 705 Dyer Street.

Arkham Public Library

630 Marsh Street
Unsurprisingly in a town so well known for its university and academics, the Arkham Public Library is large and well stocked. While its range of books cannot compete with the Orne Library at M.U. for scholarly disciplines, it nonetheless has an impressive collection of both old and new books.

Arkham Sanitarium

255 E. Derby Street
On the northern outskirts of town, the Sanitarium is both a mark of pride and shame for the socially conscious of Arkham. On the one hand, its sprawling grounds and extensive quality facilities represent a high level of charity and empathy for the sick that is rarely found in this day and age. On the other hand, it is almost always full—Arkham boasts one of the largest populations of the mentally unhinged in the state, outranked only by Kingsport.

Boston & Maine RailRoad Depot

298 W. High Lane.
More expensive but much faster than the buses, the train is the best way to travel to Boston and other cities far to the north or west.

Court House and Jail

666 N. Peabody Avenue
The courthouse is a modest brick building with a lackluster attempt at a Roman columned facade in the front. Before it is a small monument with a bronze Union soldier standing at attention, an American flag draped over his arm and a wide plaque on the stone base containing the names of the Massachusetts 47th Regiment. Next to the courthouse on one side is the jail, a not-large building since it serves only temporary confinement for those awaiting trial while sentenced offenders are shipped to a state penitentiary.

Fire Department

418 E. Armitage Street
Having used horse drawn engines until only recently, the Arkham Fire Department can now proudly boast two almost-new motorized fire trucks with pressurized water pumps.

Hotel Miskatonic

200 block, W. College Street
The best lodging in Arkham, Hotel Miskatonic boasts all the most modern conveniences and at five stories it is the city’s tallest building. The hotel restaurant is popular even with those not staying with the hotel due to the excellent food and luxurious atmosphere.

National Guard Armory

560 Marsh Street
A squat gray building, this concrete edifice houses the arms and equipment used by the National Guard in Arkham. It is attended to by Morris Dratir.

Old Arkham Graveyard

The block between Lich, Parsonage, Church, and Peabody.
Fenced with iron, jealously guarded by its caretaker, the sombre fields of gray stones and weeping willows are the site of many a ghost story and tall tale. Visitors are not allowed past the gates after dusk. Some of the tombstones date back as far as 1666, when Arkham was first founded, but new residents to the silent city are still being added to this day. Several of the older, more monied families of Arkham have their own mausoleums on the site.

Old Wooded Graveyard

West of Boundary street
This small, no longer maintained burial ground is choked with weeds that obscure its weather-worn stones. No one has been buried here in over three decades, and the stories locals tell of things crawling over the graves and ghostly apparitions, mostly seen near the infamous Hangman’s Hill at the center of the grounds, are more than enough reason for most residents to avoid it. Many have forgotten it even exists.

Post Office

487 N. Peabody Avenue
The mail service in Arkham is not quite as reliable as some residents would like, and it is normal for the city’s more affluent residents to keep their own box at the Post Office itself and pick up their mail in person once a week rather than rely on the mailmen not to drop it off at the wrong address.

St. Monica’s Church

93 N. Garrison Street
A modest catholic church on the north side of town with an attached parish, St. Monica’s draws its congregation from the mill workers and other rougher-lived folk on the north side of the Miskatonic. It is led by Father Clifford and maintained by his acolyte, Diego.

Town Hall

551 Peabody Street
A stately brick building, the Town Hall contains a good-sized meeting room for various town functions such as school board meetings and city council debates. The rest of the building is devoted to the Clerk’s Offices, run by Janet Larkin. More or less organized, these rooms are filled with relevant documents concerning Arkham and the surrounding townships all the way back to 1666, the year of Arkham’s founding.

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