In The Strange Collections

Arkham Advertiser
March 3rd, 1923

Mysterious Shootings at Winterfield Apartments

Police responded yesterday to reports gunfire at the Winterfield Apartment building. When officers arrived at the scene the assailants had fled, but it appears at least one of them had a large amount of blood loss. “There was a trail of blood coming from the building’s basement”, says Officer Felix Conner of the APD, “One of our officers went to inspect the basement but immediately returned and started having fits.” Officer Jacob Walters walked into the basement only to breath in an amount of an unknown toxic chemical. "We’ve called in a team to clear out the unknown chemical but until that team we have been unable to piece together exactly what evens occurred this morning. When asked if suspicious persons were in the building that day, they claimed that the day previous a group of people were asking questions of all the guests. A business card of a private investigator B. Adams McJack was shown to The Arkham Advertiser, but it is currently unknown if he has any connection to the crime.

Miskatonic University Expedition to South America a Success

An expedition of students and researchers from Miskatonic University returned from a month long excursion to the jungles of South America to learn about the elusive Inema tribe. "It’s fascinating what these savages do for… (Continued on 2S)

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